The Kids are All Right, Pick on Someone Your Own Age

I’m a Gen X-er with a lot of millennial friends, and I see mostly hard-working younger people with a lot of energy and awareness who are putting in the effort to build the foundations for their lives. Along with that they naturally can lack some experience — but far less than many people suspect. Especially because they have everyone who’s come before them to learn from. If nothing else there are plenty of negative examples right there.

The main reason they haven’t made their own rocket suits yet is because they’re in their 20s. So, how about people who are criticizing them from established positions trying climbing off of millenials’ backs instead? Has everyone really forgotten how hard it can be to get established in this world?

I’m remembering in particular Time Magazine putting out an issue bemoaning how aimless and lazy is Gen-Xers seemed to be — before we went on to basically build the Internet.

It sure seems like the judged in this previous situation are a lot more useful now than Time is. Time was unkind then, and now time has been unkind to Time.

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