Know your Business Options in Dubai for Expo 2020 with IDEA BIZONE

Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director-General, Expo 2020 Dubai UAE Bureau, thinks Expo 2020 as an event for 22nd-century generation. Talking to different International forums around the world, Her Excellency was clear in two objectives that the Government of United Arab Emirates is aiming to achieve through world Expo 2020 Duabi 2020 i.e. to present UAE as a new financial hub for innovation, entrepreneurial ideas and ultimate choice for investors by (second objective) ensuring sustainability, mobility and opportunity. There is no denial of the fact that the government of United Arab Emirate is eyeing to make this even a proud not only for their own people but for the entire region.

UAE EXPO 2020 is an exposition of international scale allowed by Bureau of International Exposition to be held in the United Arab Emirates from October 2020 to April 2021. Expositions like these are meant for businesses to showcase their solutions to the future problems of the world. In return to their innovations, governments and investors around the world put their money to purchase ideas or to invest in companies they seem to have come up with real products. The expo 2020 business opportunities will connect the world to with each other and find the human as well as financial resource, of International cadre, for them.

Business Opportunities during Expo:

Expositions are meant to bring investment revolution in the area alongside several other developments in different sectors like infrastructure, tourism and hoteling. The estimated number of people to visit Dubai expo 2020is around 20 million. The percentage growth expected in Dubai’s economy is 10% per annum. The government is hoping to achieve its required boom in SME sector which accounts for about 40% of Dubai’s business population. It is important to consider that World Expo 2020 UAE will bring the area in limelight which in reality adds more value to the location in view of the investors.

The government of United Arab Emirate is looking to create business opportunities in Expo 2020 Dubai UAE with especial focus on small and medium enterprises in order to lay the foundation for an innovation boom that can serve the needs of the future. The idea for 2020 expo is to encourage public-private partnerships in order to help entrepreneurs and investors feel secured for their money. Considering the effects of the economic recession back in 2008, where SME was among the most affected sector, Expo 2020 Dubai UAE is seen as an opportunity to not only revive the sector but also to create a boom.

During the UAE 2020 Expo, which will start from OCT 2020 to April 2021, is expected to create an investment environment of around 100 billion AED. This expected amount is likely to bring a complete haul over in United Arab Emirates’ economy with special focus on Dubai. SME’s are likely to emerge as the top beneficiaries of the whole event. Not only that, SME sector of Dubai is eyeing on diversification, real FDI investment and highly skilled human resource from around the world. Entrepreneurs and business startups are likely to get the most out ofDubai 2020 Expo and along with the expansion in already established SME’s.

How IDEA BIZONE can help

Being a well-established business consultancy agency that possesses highly trained professionals with the considerable amount of experience in their relevant fields, IDEA BIZONE is the best choice that an investor can make to safeguard his/her entrance in EXPO 2020UAE. There is a lot that IDEA BIZONE can offer to its customer, to exploit Dubai Expo 2020 business opportunities, owing to the knowledge of already implemented rules, under review regulations, long-standing relations with the authorizes as well as in-depth understanding of the market in the United Arab Emirates.

IDEA BIZONE has extensively researched business opportunities for every type of business and has designed solutions to help businesses grow at pace. We can help businesses to exploit the Dubai Expo2020 opportunities for them available in 2020 World Expo. Not only that, we are guiding businesses to take their share from Expo 2020 Dubai UAE opportunities by referring them towards Free zones most suited to their nature which in turn will help them secure their investment. Along with that, it is important to handle the legal documentation as well as the certifications required to start a business in Dubai. Business opportunities in Dubai for Expo 2020 are immense and that is likely to attract investment from around the world. Dubai will be the financial hub for companies in the coming years and IDEA BIZONE can help businesses to lay their foundations strong in Expo 2020 Dubai.

IDEA BZIONE with its focus on Small and Medium Enterprises know the financial stringent through which the entrepreneurs and investors have to go through in their initial phase of business. Our company has made the business opportunities in Dubai for Expo 2020 a target to achieve with great numbers. It is important for us that SME’s flourish and new ideas don’t just come to the surface, they are being rewarded with the appropriate response from the investor and in return, we all grow together. Similar is the theme being presented by the authorities when they pitch business opportunities in Dubai for Expo 2020. It has been said numerous times that government is looking to find a new lasting blend of public-private partnership in Expo 2020.

Benefits of working with IDEA BIZONE for Expo 2020

IDEA BIZONE will help you get started with the companies around the world by pitching the investment or offshore company that you will formulate with our help in Dubai. It is important to note that chances of being a beneficiary will rise to a greater level with a Dubai-based company. We are working for every type of business and this has helped us to know about the market quite well then our competitors. As knowledge of the market is pretty handy, we will help our businesses to get the best use of Expo 2020 opportunities and in return, they will be rewarded with their desire like ideas, investments, human resource, operational resource, financial resource and others. IdeaBizone will present your business both as the opportunity to be invested as well as will seek the ultimate disposal of your gathered investment in order to make sure that you earn very well. The needs of your industry will be kept in mind to ensure that you are adequately positioned in the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE so that the business opportunities in Dubai for Expo 2020 comes your way with open arms. The offshore companies working with us will get the extra advantage of possible income through relevant property holdings in Dubai.

It is to remember that real estate sector of United Arab Emirates is expecting a consistent boom till Expo 2020 and we are here to help businesses and entrepreneurs and investors grow faster. We will provide you the knowledge of best possible property investment in Dubai and other Emirates which you can remunerate in later years of Expo 2020 UAE and thus will not only save your investment but will facilitate you earn through it. IDEA BIZONE has the team that can help you knock down any opportunity whenever and wherever to emerge. The business opportunities in Expo 2020 Duabi UAE are there for business startups and SME’s to invest in their ideas, get the much-needed rewards in return and lay a strong foundation in the financial hub of the upcoming world. We can make you earn tons of profits without paying a penny to the government even when you will avail the facilities like first class infrastructure, luxury offices, prime locations and others.