List of Top 20 Real Estate Companies in Dubai

Dubai is destined to be the economic and social hub of the modern age. The land has emerged from desert to become a concrete jungle and showed its potential to be the next cosmopolitan hub for the world. With a great number of multinational and local businesses pouring in Dubai, the diversification of Dubai’s environmental climate and confinement of space has turned to out to be a great challenge to find the right space to conduct your business operations. The real estate companies in Dubai can offer you a great help as well as some real good deals to save a healthy amount on your fixed expenditure.

Top Real Estate Companies in Dubai:

Let’s list out some real estate companies in Dubai that should be your first choice to work with.

1. Aston Pearl Real Estate

When it comes to Dubai real estate sectors, you may find a lot of names and a competition fair enough to provide you with best rates. Aston pearl in this regard with their specialty in the field makes it to the list with best customer services and customer satisfaction level.

2. SPF Realty Real Estate Broker LLC

Dubai real estate can be a challenging sector of business to operate in. With a fierce completion and market demand managing up to the customer’s demand is hard. However, SPF Reality Real Estate Broker LLC has proven to be one efficient entity in the market.

3. Top Class Real Estate Broker LLC

Similar to the other Dubai properties agents, Top Class Real Estate Broker LLC is also working to provide its customers with the best deals and most economical options to meet their ever increasing demands.

4. Topspot Real Estate

Anything about the real estate Dubai is incomplete without the sky reaching a high building, just like their name Topspot also manages to provide their clients with the most suitable Top spots in Dubai properties to operate their business.

5. Top Homes Real Estate

Dubai Properties sector along with a business class client helper also manages to serve the home and residential clients. Top Home Real Estate Dubai was established with the aim to serve not only for the business sector clients but also to help to sell the houses for sale.

6. Dacha Real Estate

Dacha Real Estate is a well known and trusted name in the real estate companies in Dubai of Dubai properties and real estate sector. The agents from this agency are vigilant and up to the mark to understand the needs and condition of the clients and work accordingly.

7. Metropolitan Premium Properties

Metropolitan Premium Properties specializes in both business and residential sector of real estate Dubai. Whether it is an office space that one needs or there are any houses for sale. Metropolitan Premium Properties have got it all covered.

8. Core UAE Associates

A list of top real estate companies in Dubai can never be complete without Core UAE Associates in it. The company has a good name in all the real estate companies and manages to provide a high number of clients with the best and most satisfactory reviews.

9. Legacy Real Estate Broker

Just like their name, Legacy Real Estate Broker has carried out the legacy of providing best rates and economical packages. Among all the Dubai real estate companies Legacy Real Estate Broker is a trusted name.

10. Ocean View Real Estate

Specializing in the territories of Ocean View in Dubai, this company has managed to keep up with its name and has given a vast number of satisfied clients among all the real estate companies in Dubai.

11. Al Habtoor Properties LLC

Coming along the list of real estate companies in Dubai, we have now come down to the top 10 real estate companies, in which Al Habtoor Properties with makes it mark. With operation lasting strong since 2008 this agent of real estate in Dubai is going strong all along.

12. Hampton Properties

Second in the top 10 real estate companies in Dubai is Hampton Properties. They work as a subsidiary of a well-known name of the real estate in Dubai, Emaar Properties that gives Hampton Properties a higher place in the list of real estate companies in Dubai.

13. Powerhouses Properties

Run by a good know name of the real estate in Dubai, Jhon O’Kelly, since 2005. Powerhouse properties are providing ever better services to their clients through their better services and ever increasing the number of satisfied clients.

14. Provident Estates

With an ever increasing competition in the Dubai real estate market another of the important name in our list of real estate companies, Provident Estate is a very knows name in the real estate broker market of Dubai.

15. Kendal & Co.

Another of the most trusted name from Dubai real estate market, Kendal and Co. have been working in the field for long enough to know every up and down of Dubai real estate market. This gives them the edge to be counted in some of the best real estate agents.

16. Better Home Real Estate

This one is probably the most experienced one in our list of real estate companies so far. Working since 1986 Better Home Real Estate Dubai has seen the city built in the front of their eyes and know it all inside out.

17. Binayah Real Estate

Now when we have come very closer to see the best real estate agent in Dubai, Binayah Real Estate was certain to grab a place with a combined business experience of more than 30 years this Dubai properties agent certainly has some tricks up its sleeve.

18. Driven Properties

The name shows the working strategy itself. This real estate broker has been some real dynamic and new ideas in the market to get you best options possible.

19. Prestige Real Estate

Another name of trust and satisfaction in Dubai real estate market, the company has established from construction to real estate market and knows the business very well.

20. Key One Properties

Last but not the least, Key One Properties spans its wings upon both Dubai real estate establishments of business and residential sector with a great grip over the market situation.

With this list of Top Real Estate Companies in Dubai we have developed a good idea about how to get the desired office space and what sources we need to look for in order to know Dubai properties much better. However above all IDEA BIZONE is there to provide you with the best suggestions and most needed help in every way to starting up and developing a new business for you and helping you out to set up your office space from scratch to make to the top.