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‘Lockdowns’ have unfortunately become the de-facto tool of government policy in attempting to reduce the health and mortality aspects of a pandemic.

This strategy was postulated by virologists over many years, as a method to deal with pandemics, with little to no consideration of the knock on impacts of actually enacting it.

Governments one after another adopted it in a stunning example of ‘group think’ at the international level, with only a few stand out examples. …

This should be quite short.

Parental leave should be equal, mandatory and paid for by the state.

This does assume that the objective is to get the male-female wage (controlling for role, experience, personality factors etc) gap to zero:

Here’s why;

1) Leave should be equal and mandatory. Any difference in the distribution of parental leave between parents creates a difference in how they are perceived in the employment market. More parental leave = more risk that the person will not be available for work, and so the lower the price employers are willing to pay for that risk. If…

Government as a Service.

For the past several thousand years there has been an uneasy relationship between the governing and the governed. Various types, styles and sizes of government have emerged and disappeared over history, from small collectivist groups, to roving militant bands subjugating others, to ethno-religious empires, to despots, to democracies, to perhaps even meritocracies. Volume after volume has been published throughout the years explaining a perspective on the optimal role of government and it’s relationship to the people who may or may not willingly ascribe to its structure. However, throughout history, as far as I can see, the…

Background reading:


Two birds. One stone?

Bird one. How to deal with illiberal, insidious or hostile countries and political regimes, when they are also great at producing low cost items which liberal countries require?

Bird two. How to get some of the worst polluting countries in the world to stop?

If a producer in Europe or North America were to produce products in the same way as is done in other parts of the world, particularly in reference to Asia and pollution, then they would probably be shut down. …

Why not remove the taxes paid by investors on returns from green energy companies?

If you as an investor think that something is a good idea, and you know you’re not going to have to pay capital gains tax on that investment, you’ll probably increase your investment amount by the tax rate.

In doing so governments can increase investment into green energy without distorting the market through subsidies and still allowing the most efficient firms to thrive.

There would of course need to be clarity as to what a ‘green energy’ company actually is. However if the definition was expanded…

This is probably more akin to a journal of ideas, but having seen so many be right and so many be wrong it seemed that it might be a worthwhile experiment to keep track of them. Hopefully there is a way on Medium to categorise them or this will get a bit messy!


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