Too many small-business owners are paying big bucks for new websites that miss the mark on what their prospects want to see. Why? Content is still king, and most new sites are skimping on content in favor of only pretty images.

The best case against putting together a website that’s almost entirely built on images is that you can simply use your Instagram profile as your portfolio — and it’s free! Why spend time or money if Instagram is doing it for you already.

No, your website is so much more than just an image gallery and an “Inquire Now!”…

I was at a recent The Knot Pro Workshop, and Bernadette Baillie (an absolute force of nature, btw), mentioned that a massive percentage of people in the wedding industry don’t ever respond to email inquiries from prospective clients. At the same conference I heard from a real bride who said that one vendor she was considering for her wedding finally emailed back — after the wedding (to which she responded, “I’m already married!”).

What gives with slow response times these days? We’re all busy, I get it, but somehow we’ve got to pull it together to get back to people…

I get asked all the time about sharing pricing information — with clients and with professional colleagues. Of course, you have to share pricing at some point with your clients during the inquiry process, but you don’t have to give away your numbers to colleagues, or worse, competitors.

If you do share pricing information, what’s the best way to do it? Before you share your pricing with people who aren’t actually buying anything from you, I recommend asking yourself why they want to know?

The best reason is that they want to share it with someone who’s interested in your…

Who are you kidding, Mr. or Mrs. I Don’t Need to Take Notes Because My Memory is a Steel Trap? I know who you are. You’re the one at the meeting without a notepad on the table. You’re the one who listens to a client complaint over the phone while driving rather than writing down the specifics at your desk. You’re the one who tells people to send you an email to remind you rather than put it into your own reminder system yourself.

You do everything in your head, because it works most of the time. …

Owning a business is a bit like putting on a solo-performance: it requires a lot of shifting from one role to a different one. Not only do you move from one role to another within the play itself, you’re also the writer, director, producer, costume designer, and every other person on the credit list. It can be hard to put it all together, and requires immense concentration to do well.

What kind of impact does shifting between all these roles have on how effectively you do your work, especially when one of the roles requires you to think creatively?


Stop Training Your Competition

I’m at Engage! listening to talented entrepreneurs and thought leaders talk about what it takes to take your business to the next level. Ways to get your concept to market, ideas to meet your clients’ expectations, why it’s important to field your sales calls, and so many other important strategies to grow your business — any business, not just an event business.

One of the recurring themes at the conference is how to establish a strong brand and command the price for the value you bring to your clients and consumers. A consensus among the group…

Pop quiz: The shit just hit the fan and the new service you’ve invested tons of time and oodles of money in is tanking. Who do you call?

Option #1 — Someone who supported the idea in the beginning, listens well, gets mad or sad with you, and encourages you to keep going.

Option #2 — Someone who didn’t support the idea in the beginning, often gives unsolicited advice, and loves to critique your business.

If you’re like most business owners you surround yourself with people who champion your ideas. When you think of the concept they tell you, “I…

We’ve all heard about those “natural salespeople.” You know, the ones who make it so easy to get people to buy their product/service and rake the revenue they bring their businesses into mountains of money. Or maybe you just call them the new kids on the block who are stealing all your clients from you.

However, those with a sales skillset learned it, just like you learned what you’re good at, too. Natural ability only goes so far.

What you may not realize is that talented salespeople are doing pretty much the same things that you are, just a little…

Many will tell you receiving “likes” for their photos or getting new followers on Instagram is a real rush of immediate gratification. It’s called “insta” for reason. Here’s the problem: Your social media account is a poor substitute for the legitimate importance of gaining new clients for your business.

Too many of us put so much effort and time into our social media campaigns and not enough into where we source our clients and what we can do to get more business through these proven channels.

If you’re like pretty much everyone else in the hospitatlity industry, more than 60%…

Everyone talks about networking, but what we really want is relationship development. It’s not enough to just show up. You have to make a mark with the people you meet, cultivate those connections, and deepen the meaning of the relationship you have with those people. It’s not enough just to pass out a business card at the local networking event.

How do you do that?

Here are two simple techniques you can try the next time you run into a colleague. …

Ideaction Consulting

Website copywriting, 1:1 sales coaching, workshops and online courses for wedding pros to make more $$$.

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