You’re not listing the business model where Medium would charge just a few cents to read a post and…
Jean-Marie Grange

Hi Jean-Marie, this list wasn’t meant to be exhaustive, just the first few that came to mind. To your point, I see from your bio you work at Bendle. I’ll check it out. Having worked in payments for a very long time, the challenge I see with the micropayments model is it drives a scarcity mentality among consumers. By creating a tax/toll on every item, people are increasingly discouraged from incremental consumption, ultimately killing the entity they are trying to save. Unless the model is pervasive (possibly universal), the consumer is price insensitive, or the product is essential, I’m very dubious of the model’s viability for content. I see the Patreon model as superior, but not without its own flaws. Of course, I wish you the best of luck and you can certainly prove me wrong.