Lean UX Design: Why you need to know the term

Lean UX design sounds like a trend resulting in a low fat, no fuss user experience. In fact, streamlined user experience is a by-product of lean UX design. The term actually refers to the team functionality and design process.

In todays fast-paced, often disjointed business world, increasing focus is being placed on the implementation of efficient processes that result in sustainable and consistently high quality work. At Ideahack, we implement 6 working principles to ensure a streamline design process and the highest possible level of team functionality. Agile is our middle name.

1. Early questioning: We seek early feedback to ensure customer needs are being met at their very core levels from the very beginning.

2. Collaborate: our team is small so collaboration is frequent and intricate. Regardless of team size, consistent feedback and design input is a key to success.

3. Solving user problems: this focus point of the design thinking process can often slip through the cracks in the quest for superior aesthetic design. The result is flashy but not functional solutions.

4. Measuring success: finished products are great but if you can’t measure their success, you can’t decide the next steps. We believe in the early establishment of key performance indicators to drive long term results.

5. The right tools: rather than apply a set framework, keep your toolbox open and reach for the best tools in each challenge rather than the obvious ones.

6. Nimble design: be quick, be brief. In early design stages, speed is key, go for broad sketches that allow for adaptation and improvements. Your team needs flexibility to work before reaching the strongest solution.

Add a splash of any (or all) of these principles to help trim down your design process. If it felt more straightforward, easy to follow and quicker, lean UX was in effect and we are glad we could help.

Contact Ideahack to chat about how we can help apply this design process to your challenges!

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