Hustle. 6 letters and 6 steps.

Hustling will get you there. Someone bright said that you might be smarter but I’ll hustle more. “Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustleRoss Simmonds.

  1. Hurry. You need to start today. Now. Even if it’s a blog post as you sit on the train heading to work. Now is the time to hustle.

2. U. As in you. Yep, no where to hide. This one is on you. Develop yourself. Join Skillshare, listen to The Tim Ferris Show. Watch the #AskGaryVee Show. Learn. But – only if you hustle at the same time. Hustling is about driving for business, the learning needs to happen in the background. Oh – join Ash Ambridges mailing list. You’ll fall in love with her (or is that just me?) and learn lots.

3. Step it up. Hustling means going for more than the dude/dudette next to you. (Random Q – I’d normally use dude to cover both genders but it upsets some people – do you care?) Someone else wants your next customer. Beat them there.

4. Test. If you are hustling up the wrong street you’ll end up at the wrong pub. Disaster. You want the one with the great beer. Not the place with warm flat beer and with the ruffians. Try different emails. Try different approaches.

5. Learn. If you test, do something about the results. Cognitive bias makes us look for things that back your beliefs. Pay attention to the things that prove you wrong. React.

6. Even more. Hustling is the art of keeping going. Pushing harder. Smashing it. Doing more than your competition could dream of. Hustle, hustle, hustle.

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