I am going to sell to everyone.

Okay, Steve Jobs sells phones. Well, kind of.

I have one, my parents each have one and so does my grandma. Looooaaads of people have them.

In your case, everyone is going to want to buy your product or pay for your service.

Just like Steve sells to everyone, so can you.

But really — it does not quite work like that. Check out these good looking folk.

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Apple has people in their late 20's in all their ads. They are cool, trendy, smiley and you get the feeling they all live in San Francisco. Go in to any store and you will see the same. Every TV ad shows it too. Their staff mirror their target market.

They go for a group and make it easy for that group to give them money. They do this by using their language, by using pictures of them, by communicating to them about what is important to them.

But why does my grandma have an iPhone? Surely that proves that you can sell to anyone?!

My grandma has an iPhone because it is a brilliant piece of kit. It solves problems for her. Like being easy to use. Like being able to send and receive pictures of grandchildren and great grand children.

By aiming for a group you can create a situation where you can convert the most people for the smallest cost (in time or cash) possible. You can fend off objections before they happen.

By having a target group you can aim for something, adjust your sights, and get closer to the bulls eye.

The magic is — that you are NOT saying NO to others. It is just that you are saying YES in bigger letters to one group. And you will get colatoral.

Walk through any retail park and I bet you can easily guess who each shop is aimed at. H&M? Female students. JD Sports? 18 year old boys. Abercrombie? People who are too good looking. We have all been in all of those shops — but — they are full of the target audience (group) with their credit cards out.

So — if you think you might sell to everyone, you need to start with that defined target group.

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