We all are running

Lately, I have realized we all are running, where to, we don’t know but what from and what towards we do know.

Life is unpredictable, where will be end up, that is one question that can make our life a bit easy as it is a result of what we are running from and what we are running towards can answer.

Some of us are running from commitments, relationships, failures and other things, that make us think hinders us from getting to the top or we have been hurt so much that we have turned phobic to these.

Some of us are running towards money, fame, success, happiness and other things, that we think would eventually fulfill us.

This is all good but at what point do we stop, or do we keep running in this mindless pursuit of things we so badly need in our life.

Is there an end to it?

Life is a journey, but do wait sometime to see what have you lost or gained while running blindly.

No body will ask you to wait as no one really knows, that we are living in a world where everyone is running, some fast some slow.

Just for a minute wait and ask yourself these things

  • What are you running from?
  • What are you running towards?

I know that this won’t make sense to some, but trust me, I too didn’t saw any sense, until I thought about it.