IDealCashTeam Activity Report — November 6, 2018

Completed Activities


  • Added a new Team member with development experience

Integration Efforts


  • Submitted second listing request for IDealCash at Bittrex.
  • Voting underway for IDealCash at MND Exchange (
  • Voting underway for IDealCash at Evimeria via @EvimeriaVote_BOT on Telegram
  • IDealCash is listed on The following markets are available: DEAL/BTC, DEAL/USDT, DEAL/LTC, DEAL/DOGE


Planned Activities

Integration Efforts

  • Complete integration with SpectrumCash’s Discord and Twitter platforms


  • Final testing of the V2 IDealGold (DEALT) Windows wallet
  • Continue development of Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets, to include mnemonic seeds


  • Apply to bitfineon (Finland exchange)
  • Follow up with Bitbank, bitFlyer, Bithumb, Bleutrade, CoinGate, Coinone
  • Reapply to and Binance
  • Resubmit to TradeOgre
  • Apply to and IDAX.MN


  • White Paper Dutch translation

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  • BTC wallet address: 16oGqFa5AZXMHQA9jTkaHvncMUgYiotU4S