My Top 10 Web Design Tips for Web Designers Chichester

The greatest tips and tricks I can give you are the 10 named in this text. They are basic web design tips that most experienced web designers will agree with. Follow web design Chichester for the best web design service in Chichester today.

Web Design Chichester

Tip 1: In an ideal world use a light background with a dark font, perhaps black on white. This is very simple and effective on the human eye. After all the last thing you want is for a visitor to visit your website and for them to navigate away from the page because the text is too hard to read.

Tip 2: The content on your website is among the most important factors, on every page you should include a minimum of 100 words of copy. It is important that these 100 words include your most important key words. Top search engines like Google love content & the more up to date & relevant the content is the better.

Tip 3: Include your logo at the top left of your website. This is the first thing a visitor will see. Also include your business or website name, email address and phone number to the right of this.

Tip 4: If you have a large website with a lot of pages & products then make sure you place a search bar. Place this at the top of your page so people can cut straight to the chase and search for what they want.

Tip 5: Be sure that your Title Tags are different for each different page and that they have your main keywords for that specific page. For example Don’t just have ‘Home’ as your Title Tag, make sure it portrays exactly what your site is about, as an example, ‘Web Design Tips for the beginner, advice on website design’. You are allowed around 60 characters. Choose wisely.

Tip 6: Be sure to make your Meta Description as interesting as it can possibly be, it is extremely important that you capture the visitors attention. Make good use of your key words but make sure that its readable, you could try making it more of a sales pitch.

Tip 7: Keep images minuscule, yes they sometimes look great but an image that is too large could take longer to load & the visitor to your site will just get bored of waiting & click on to the next site, which will likely be your competitors!

Tip 8: Do not use graphics that have no relevance to your content. You would be extremely surprised at how many companies do this. For example, I once visited a music website and there where pictures of the owners house on there!

Tip 9: Avoid using Flash images & GIF’s, as flashing or moving graphics distract the visitor and can become extremely frustrating. You want the visitor to read your content and or buy your product. The visitor did not visit your website to review images that you think are nice.

Tip 10: Having some space in your layout is a definite must. Don’t get me wrong content is extremely important but it must be readable. Use sub headlines to separate paragraphs. This will help to lazy visitor to skim read.


While not fully comprehensive like the tips you’d find at web design Chichester, these top 10 web design tips are what any good web design service in Chichester worth their salt would follow and adopt for today’s modern era of web design.