Be interested instead of interesting

This book explains more briefly and elaborates the way by which you can make new friends in an interesting way. Most fascinating property of this book is that writer explains it with some example of famous personalities and their experience that how they show interested in people and in respect with that how people love them and like their personality.

In this book story of a boy that live with is pup and make a relation that intentionally very strong and keep both of them in a strong bond. When he calls his pup he ran with a great passion. When his pup is dead then boy feel sad and gloomy. This shows that when you interested in someone it make you feel better and enhance your feeling of good mind.

When I apply these ideas in my daily routine life, what I feel is that when you listening more peoples, then you speak, it will increase people’s confidence to share more ideas with you & they feel relax in your company. So it will enhance the strength of your relation. And relation will be stronger. Although it’s not easy to control to you but in start I feel difficulty, but after some hours it’s easy for me. After this friends and colleagues feel easy to share your problems with me and their believes on me increases.

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