4 Tips for Effective Server Maintenance

More and more people are now adopting a paperless system for record keeping. It helps them to avoid the uncertainties associated with the tangible paper storage system. Digital data storage is more secured compared to paper-based systems. So it is crucial to know how to protect and maintain digital data storage systems. Databases are the common architecture which is used for data storage. The collection of data is the database whereas the set of the computer programs which are used to provide database services that other computer systems can access is known as a database server. The servers can be vulnerable to outside viruses, a manipulation which can lead to loss or damage of confidential information. So in order to keep your server away from the possible attacks the proper server maintenance should be done.

The Basic Maintenance

As part of the server maintenance, run the disk — checking system monthly to detect bad sectors, errors and other problems. The employees can set their own computers to conduct system checks to forecast possible issues. Even some database programs have their own maintenance program which can be scheduled regularly. These standard checks help in troubleshooting problems which are associated with the computers or the database itself.


Taking backups regularly is a part of effective server maintenance. Store the data to an external source nightly, weekly or monthly and make sure the data is safe. There will be some unfortunate situations such as natural disasters. So in such times, the regular backups will be beneficial. So you will not be cursed with data loss even during total server loss.

Internet Security

Keeping the server computers in a secure room or building block is also part of an effective server maintenance strategy. Along with keeping the server computers in the secure room, lock the doors and windows after the hours. Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply for servers along with emergency source if there is an outage. Keeping a fire extinguisher in the room will assure security and will keep your system safe from all external damages.


In order to keep your server safe from hackers, always use strong passwords. Using strong passwords help you to protect yourself from unauthorized access. The default passwords that come with newly installed software should be changed to something unique. The password for your server should not be same as the password for the server. Along with that delete older accounts for people who no longer require access. Maintaining a sensible password is part of Effective server maintenance.


The use of Antivirus helps the server administrator to protect the server from the outside virus attacks. All the employees and administrators should run antivirus programs to protect their individual computers and main CPU. Using just an antivirus will not work here. You have to use the latest Antivirus version as the hackers keep update themselves. Only the new versions of Antivirus alone will resist the latest viruses. This is an experimental area where the hackers will make an entry any time with a new threat. So Latest Antivirus will keep you away from all these threats and protects your data.

4 Tips for Effective Server Maintenance
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