How to jump on the Innovation Bandwagon through Ideapoke

A organization’s success depends on its ability to innovate. Sharing ideas and adopting systematic innovation culture can enhance company’s capabilities to a great extent.Innovation shapes the corporate life and gives companies the competitive advantage with their competitors. Over the long run, if companies do not innovate they will sustain and might go bankrupt as their competitors will be innovating and they won’t.So Innovation has become central to the success of any business and it’s an integral part of the business strategy. So how do you innovate then ? Read on..

In today’s modern era,Open innovation is slowly been adopted by companies.Open Innovation can give you the added competitive advantage against your competitors. The abilities of the company to evaluate a solution to a problem greatly depends on its access to knowledgeable resources that can help you make the innovation effective and efficient.

First things first, you have to identify the need of your customers, learn more about their problems, pain points and then analyze what benefits an innovation should deliver to make a difference. Precise information on the customers can increase the effectiveness of the innovation process. It will also help in delivering a tailored innovation according to the customer requirements.

The integration of Open Innovation in your Innovation journey broadens the search by looking for solutions in the outside world. External partners are approached and the process of acquiring the knowledge from the partners is different from traditional solver coordination. The problem should be broadcasted in public to receive a network of solvers or partners who can collaborate and then find solution to the problem. You can focus on external technology providers in order to acquire solution knowledge.Well, that’s how Ideapoke works.Else you can understand the whole technological area with Landscape report.

So, explore how you can start your Innovation journey with Ideapoke!