Traditionally, usability labs took a long time to organise — often becoming just a usability bug hunt, or resulting in a lengthy report of recommendations, which took weeks to produce, that no one will ever read.

This talk, originally given by Ian Franklin at NUX (Northern User Experience) covers how to adapt usability labs to include discovery and co-creation, and still record results rigorously while completing analysis and delivering actionable findings within a couple of days.

The talk also covers how to counter the common objections to user feedback (“its only 5 users”, “it’s just anecdotes”) and how to use the lab to get stakeholders on side.

No one wants conflict in a team or organisation, but it regularly arises, especially during times of change and transformation.

Understandably different people within any team are invested in different ways. Changing the status quo can produce confusion and anger in all kinds of ways that may not have been envisaged.

In this talk given at Agile Yorkshire in December last year, Adrian Frost and Ian Franklin bring complementary viewpoints and provide guidance that may help navigate some of these situations.


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