An April through Poetry

I took on a stiff challenge through April which actually turned out to be three different challenges. First, there was NaPoWriMo, the challenge to write a poem every day of the month. Then there was April A-Z, which challenged us to write one piece to each letter of the alphabet. And finally, there was YourQuote that I had had a disagreement with, but patched up and renewed my daily poem-to-prompt. For good measure, I also threw in a random contest challenge or two.

I completed all three of them with a few bumps. And I have 51 poems through April. I didn’t really write much else in the month and I can now see why. But the poetry runs true through most of the days. I even had a chance to play with rhyme, meter and shape poetry. On a couple of days I combined the YourQuote prompt with the letter of the day but I feel pretty good about having completed all of them in good conscience. Here they are:

  1. A is for April Fool — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

2. B is for Belief — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

3. C is for Convenient — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

4. D is for Disillusionment — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

5. E is for Egg — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

6. F is for Facebook Friends — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

7. G is for Ghost — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

8. H is for Have You? — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

9. Fever — YourQuote prompt #fever

10. I is for Indian — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

11. Bottoms Up — YourQuote prompt #shot

12. AudaCity — YourQuote prompt #audacity

13. J is for Jealous — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

14. Gun — YourQuote prompt #WeaponPoem

15. My Inner Hotel — YourQuote prompt #hotel

16. K is for Knowing — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

17. Interiors — YourQuote prompt #furniture

18. L is for Love Poem — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

19. Squooglyboogle-YourQuote prompt #shower

20. History — YourQuote prompt #history

21. Sour Wine — YourQuote prompt #sour

22. M is for Man — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

23. N is for Nightfall — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

24. Jugalbandi — YourQuote prompt #perform

25. O is for Orgasm — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

26. P is for Pillowtalk (feat. Reema Prasanna) — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

27. Q is for Quiet — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

28.This trains stops here — YourQuote prompt #train

29.R is for Retail Therapy — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

30.S is for Shadow-boxing — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

31.Hello — YourQuote prompt #phone

32.T is for Trampilicious — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

33. Flower with me — YourQuote prompt #soil

34. U is for U-turns — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

35.V is for Vhee! — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

36.W is for Writer — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

37.I.T. — YourQuote prompt #Earth

38. X is for X-Rated — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

39. Being okay — YourQuote prompt #okay

40. Store Me — YourQuote prompt #store

41. Hot Air — YourQuote prompt #air

42. Fractally Yours — YourQuote prompt #sum

43. Evolution — YourQuote prompt #code

44. Bicycle Epiphanies — YourQuote Boost Thyself contest #EphiphanyBT

45. Nourishment — YourQuote prompt #mine (feat. Reema Prasanna)

46. Relief — YourQuote prompt #rest

47. Y is for You — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z

48. Roadside Romeo — YourQuote prompt #orange

49. Look behind you — YourQuote prompt #strange

50. Habit — YourQuote prompt #prone

51. Z is for Zero — NaPoWriMo/April A2Z