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Echoes of the tendencies of the world, intro to Jaron Lanier’s book and manipulative nature of a human champion that everyone admires except for aliens

I think that it is useful sometimes to look at the world from a distance, some new or old perspective, a character from a sci-fi scenario, an alien creature with similar cognitive abilities to the human but without the blind spots that humankind built over the years through cultural conditioning. This is a story of just such a creature that is observing the phenomenon of technology use while the human species is developing to live peacefully and prosper both materially and immaterially. Here the alien from a different planet observing the society of humankind arrives at a stalemate because to be able to live peacefully humans have to unlearn the skills that the survival depended on, and furthermore, they have to unlearn the skills that the social climbing defined — the great and never ending manipulation manipulating the manipulator until it becomes manipulated itself. …

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Original painting in the series dedicated to the topic by @ideasrex

Becoming of a stomach with strong wonderlust — universal language of food as we age and reflect the machine of this world — youth are racing for money = success to join the orders of the stomach — vision of the prehistoric people who draw Altamira cave — UBI as an apparatus that might be a physical solution to a psychological problem — how many Mozarts, Leonardo da Vincis and Adam Smithes did we lose, and will lose while we keep moving in one spot

Who wants to be a stomach? The answer is, so many, almost everyone, because it is the most static the most comfortable space in the body, it is the machine that works many hours per day, sometimes during the night because the lifestyle and technology allows us to choose what is a day and what is a night, according to the individual needs/personality. Stomach is the most vivid in terms of the wonderlust also, so many items come in for processing, the collection of the surface experiences happen just here. The most instagramable moments are the ones captured from and for the stomach and so the machine goes on and on waiting for better combination of stimulus, the exchange of traditional cooking styles from different parts of the world, a cuisine as a fetish of our modern life. …

How often do we find ourselves wondering, convinced that the trajectory of a certain discipline is dying, just because we don’t see it presented and dominating our algorithm determining screens?

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Is it dying or is it dead already

On this occasion I am talking about Classical music and this is not a dream! It is a dream within a dream within a dream of illusion that seems abundant in our current internet collective. I often sense the pulse of wider audience by streaming my creative process with the world and one particular comment got my attention. The comment was full of resentment towards classical music which is immediately a good sign (I thought), it means that the person behind it feels strongly about it, but because of a lack of understanding, was inclined to doom and gloom about it along the lines of “this type of music is for old people, those associated with the mid 20th century or post war”. …


Irina Ideas

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