A Great Find.

A great find — Kai-Fu Lee, only 4 days ago, giving an absolutely fabulous talk (for the first half) about AI, and specifically about deep learning. He gives example after example about deep learning from his own portfolio (in China, of course, because in many ways it’s ALREADY superior to the ridiculous USA, and only getting better very quickly), and really scares the audience, and rightly so. Then he says “oh, we’re going to be fine, better than ever, even AI scientists completely agree with me”, and most of the audience is very relieved. He’s very good at the next ten years, but very bad at the following twenty years — although many of you disagree with me right now, which is funny. But he says that job loss will be real and very vitally important even over the next ten years, and I agree with him. And military AI arms will be unbelievably terrible and critical, although he does not venture into that dangerous water, which he shouldn’t. But the world is much more complex and chaotic than even he believes, and it’s going to play out very different in the following twenty years, to his amazement. That’s why Elon Musk is a visionary, a genius of the first order, and he’s just a very talented man.