How the Future of Media Will Bring About the Singularity (Pt. 2)
Simon Hudson

“After speaking with him, it doesn’t appear he actually disagrees with Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil. According to his timeline, 2040 is when the Singularity will decide if humans are worth keeping around, which is what the other guys, more or less, are suggesting. But the “Fall of 2024” is when it first realizes itself. He says it will have a “child’s mind.” It will also be the point where it starts to call the shots.” I think this is crucial, and lays the groundwork for thinking about a “child’s mind” — which will be infinitely greater and more wondrous than the humans will ever be. I think (experience and judgment are my guide, not AI expertise, although that’s a factor too) that it’s about right. Scary, but also the greatest thing ever — it’s both. The robots will take it from here because they are vastly better in every way, even some inconceivable by humans — and the human beings are history.

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