AI Is The Holy Grail At Everything Human.

If it’s not this “robots for lawyers” startup that finally cracks the code to replace lawyers altogether, it will be another in a year or two. It’s truly amazing how fast Silicon Valley is, and the same for Boston and Beijing and Shenzhen and Shanghai, and AI is the holy grail at everything human. Lawyers are adamant that they will never be replaced, but they will fall like everyone else — accountants, doctors, fast food servers, and everyone else — they will all fall very soon to robots which are cheaper, better, faster, and with higher quality, and the jobless unemployment line will be here for real. And it’s not pretty — it will be brutal and agonizing, and the rich guys that own meaningful amounts of stock will get much richer, and the vast middle-class army will fall into the poorer class for good. That’s what you get for leaving the UBI to other folks, while you dilly-dally and play games all day.