It’s The Age Of Miracles And Terrors.

It’s funny — we’re just at the very beginning of AI, the very starting point, and in the next twenty years we’re literally going to be knocking your socks off. Peter Voss and Ben Goertzel and others will be truly amazed at our awesome power — and the power of technology to disrupt everything we were hoping for. It’s the age of miracles and terrors, and both will be had, in spades. Folks like Elon Musk will come into the AI picture (he already has of course, with CEO positions at Neuralink and OpenAI), but other people will too in every domain, from car manufacturing to toys, and we’ll find that we’re just at the very start, not the finish line, or even the 100th part. The next twenty years are going to be enormously, HUGELY exponential, and when you step all the way back and consider the whole expansive picture (which Peter Voss and even Ben Goertzel seem incapable of doing, while Elon Musk clearly has the big picture firmly in mind) we will find that AI and AGI are the greatest force ever, and Elon Musk is very right with his warning yesterday. He has his finger on the pulse; we hope other people will follow his warning.

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