It’s The First Of Many Steps.

It’s the first step, and should be followed quickly by very concrete steps to implement it in computer programming — but realize that anytime programming implements it, it can be undone very quickly, so you have to find some way to stop it altogether. It’s very difficult and problematic, and probably hopeless, but at least it takes a step forward, and that’s why the attendees are marginally hopeful at this point in the game.

But make no mistake, it’s likely HOPELESS. As Stefano Ermon said very succinctly: “I’m not a fan of wars and I think it could be extremely dangerous. Obviously I think that the technology has a huge potential and, even just with the capabilities we have today, it’s not hard to imagine how it could be used in very harmful ways.” I’m telling you, behind the scenes, the top brass at the Pentagon, with counterparts in China, Russia, and a few other countries and terrorist armies are paying very close attention, for years, and planning for the worst.

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