Like You Have NEVER Seen Before.

That’s so utterly ridiculous and nonsensical that normally I wouldn’t bother troubling you with this trash, but unfortunately, this is precisely the kind of argument that leads directly to the existential crisis we’ve discussed yesterday with Elon Musk. This is why I want to bring it to your attention now, so you can understand the TRULY existential threat on our very survival as a species in our lifetime. It is literally the greatest crisis ever, by a long shot, and I do not make that claim lightly at all. The best that you can do — and I URGE you to do it today; make that a priority, for once in your life — is to educate yourself deeply on AI topics. Then you can decide for yourself, rather than waiting for other people to decide — because that is a recipe for disaster on an epic scale like you have NEVER seen before.

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