Make A Speech And Move On.

It’s really to bad that he doesn’t give a much fuller explanation — I was really looking forward to his discussion of humanity’s threat. Of course I agree with him in general — that’s an obvious given — but he’s completely blank about the next steps. I say it over and over again, because it’s completely self-evident to me, that there are two factors that are likely to existentially threaten (to use Elon Musk’s phrase) survival on this planet, and it’s time to take them INCREDIBLY SERIOUSLY. Job loss like never before in history — all jobs, everywhere, in our lifetime. And military AI arms — the US, China, and Russia — which are not friends, believe me — and also the terrorist threats like ISIS which are rising fast, and will take AI as a true blessing, which is not funny. These are monstrously serious survival threats, to the whole human race, make no mistake, and deserve to be treated as they should, not just wave your hands and make a speech and move on.

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