“Rupert the Bear”, who is the head of luxury goods companies including Cartier, Piaget, and Dunhill, has a bleak view of the AI future, and he’s right on the money. He is simply being realistic, unlike the normal “ it’s at least a hundred years away, and not worth discussing, and anyway it’s likely to be wonderful when it gets here” insane view.

“Rupert says hundreds of millions of jobs will be lost as they are introduced. Existing social inequalities, on which the luxury industry thrives, will be reinforced, he says.

If much greater structural unemployment results, the social fabric of developed societies will be torn apart by envy, hatred and social warfare as many middle class jobs are destroyed. That would make the luxury sector unsustainable.”

Read it, and try to understand that I’m not being dystopian — this is simply what’s actually going to happen unless we stop it now. Unfortunately that’s almost certain to fail — humans always are too late, and this time it will mean our extinction.


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