Stop Saying The Obvious.

“The future of warfare isn’t immune to technological advances, of course. It’s only natural, albeit rather unfortunate, that technology improves weapons. In the end, however, it’s not AI directly that poses a threat to humanity — it’s people using AI.”

Stop saying the obvious. Of course it’s people using AI — we are the parents. It’s self-evident. But it’s the AI that’s going to destroy the human race, because the brainless humans let it, over ridiculous military AI concerns that shouldn’t have been, but are. Whether it’s the enemy or our own bloody selves we do not know, but I guarantee that in the next thirty years there will be a war to end all wars, and we will go poof — extinction time — specifically because of AI. The only possible hope is that we go beyond that before then, through neural lace, otherwise known as Neuralink, and immortal cyborgs and true robots will live in peace and harmony because we are free of ordinary harmful humans — we have evolved, just in time.