THAT’S The Issue.

“They’re both right, but they’re also both missing the point. The dangerous aspect of AI will always come from people and their use of it, not from the technology itself. Similar to advances in nuclear fusion, almost any kind of technological developments can be weaponized and used to cause damage if in the wrong hands.”

Yes, of course that’s true, and to be honest Elon and Mark are fully aware of that — and that’s not the real issue. The question is actually whether Elon thinks that AGI will be a force within his lifetime, and there is in fact every likelihood that it will — you can get answers on both sides, even from well-known professors of AI. It’s a matter of how fast the growth arrives, and Elon (and many people) agree that in 15 years AGI will almost be here, and in twenty five years anything could be possible — it is the age FOR REAL of science fiction becoming fact before our eyes — including highly dystopian things like “killer robots”, despite what ordinary people think today.

THAT’S the issue, and I’ll let it be known that I think “exponential growth” has already happened, and it’s within our lifetime that true Turing-test robots will be here. I don’t need to project that I warned you beforehand, but I urge you to give it the seriousness that it deserves — the greatest event in 3–1/2 billion years is about to become a reality.

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