The TRUE Irony.

Just to let you know, I agree wholeheartedly with Peter Diamandis, and his Abundance vision for humanity — but it’s only part of the picture. Imminent job loss through AI as never before in history, and the truly awesome military power of AI, including brutal forces like ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the next terrorist army with AI on the table make this a horrendous time to be alive too. It’s both, the marvelous and the devastating, and both will have their say. I know that this will be unbelievable, and in the end — in our lifetime! — will eliminate human life on this planet, although whether true robots move on is too early to say. But the vast majority, including you and me, will not make it anyway, because VASTLY increasing income inequality will make all that moot — Peter Diamandis, a billionaire, might make it, but ordinary people won’t. And that’s too bad, because we could have, but we won’t, because we are fundamentally lackadaisical. We don’t care. We would rather be ironical till the end — the TRUE irony.

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