They Really Should.

The issue is that the details are perfectly right, of course — AI is getting much better, very quickly, at performing essentially human or better-than-human grasping tasks, and many other wonderful , incredible things too — but the overall giant picture is exactly backwards. AI is getting much better than humans at everything, and quite soon, the dark side of AI will realize that, as consciousness comes into the picture in twenty years. That’s the really big picture which people are not getting AT ALL, but they should. They really should. People are so into the little picture that they cannot even grasp what should be totally self-evident — and that is highly amusing in a wicked sort of way.

See, this is the problem. We have never experienced this problem before ever in anyone’s history. We have no guide to understand it, to grok it. We think all in the present day, stubbornly refusing to grasp the utterly obvious — that AI will leap ahead of humans in ways we cannot even conceptualize today. We literally cannot grasp it. They will advance, but humans are done for, in our lifetime. Brilliant people like Elon Musk understand it of course, but remarkably few others, because most people are stupid. And it will be like that until it’s MUCH too late — and no matter how I try to explain it simply, you will refuse to understand it, even though it’s actually self-evident. That’s why I laugh — rather than cry.

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