Think About It, And Be Afraid.

The important point is that the robot with this specific set of skills are much safer for skull surgery than normal human surgical techniques, and therefore MUST be used instead, because it’s much better than human. The FDA will actually mandate it in a few years. And then robots will be better at other surgical techniques too, and the doctors, quite quickly will be out of a job altogether because otherwise the human patient will die. It WILL happen, fairly quickly, probably 10–15 years at the most. And the same is true in every other job known to man — because AI, unlike any other event, is better at doing every possible thing than silly humans. Think about it, and be afraid. It’s just a matter of when, and I believe that in thirty years at the outside AI will be here. And most jobs will be lost before then (10–20 years) although a few will remain for a while longer.

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