Time Is The Crucial Element.

Time is the crucial element, that makes consciousness possible — and all biological animals have it, and robots could have it too if they chose to. The other element is that “the whole is (much) greater than the sum of it’s parts”; including specifically the brain, and again, robots are more than capable of it if they have fractal brains. I think that over time it will become completely obvious that robot brains are enormously BETTER than human brains, no matter how advanced, once the vast architecture of the wonderful, extraordinary human brain is understood fully. Then we can think about improvements to that, and they will be very easy and natural to find. Twenty five to thirty years should be about right for the neuroscience, and computing hardware and AI will be far better than it is today too. It’s all coming together, although whether we go back to the stone age because of military AI might going ballistic, or whether true robots will advance on the next great march of civilization we do not know. I hope for the best, whatever that means for me.


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