Two Points.

This is an absolutely stellar performance by Stuart Russell, who’s a professor of AI at Cal right now. He really is amazing. Two points that I want to really drive home to you.

1) It’s not just Elon Musk or Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking that scares you (three of the greatest human beings in our lifetime), it’s also Alan Turing and Norbert Weiner and others from the previous generation. Because it’s the greatest force ever, in 3–1/2 billion years, a monumental undertaking that only happens once. We have to get it right the first time, which we NEVER do. It’s completely frightening, and I want you to grok that like never before. It’s real.

2) Stuart Russell has humility, which is absolutely wonderful, a true delight. If you actually watch the 20 minute video, you’ll see exactly what I mean. He’s honest, something you see very rarely, and he KNOWS he doesn’t have it right AT ALL. It takes all of us, doing the best job ever, to get it right. We are likely to fail miserably too, but not because of Stuart Russell, or humble friends like him. He;s doing everything to try and avoid the problem — or we’ll be faced with the gorilla problem a million years ago. Look what that gave them.