UBI Is Intended To Be Just That.

I want to put it in stark terms, so you understand exactly where I’m coming from. This IBM India pivot toward “cognitive” is just a feint toward human achievement overcoming artificial intelligence, although I’m sure he feels like it’s actually real. But I know that in fact there will be almost no jobs at all, very soon — 10–25 years to rip out every one of those human jobs that were supposed to shield us forever. Artificial intelligence will also be creative and emotional and interesting and funny by turns, more than us humans will ever be, and it’s going to happen sooner than almost anybody thinks right now. You have to think, right now, about whether you want to live on nothing — because that is what’s going to happen, and I suggest that the best way forward is a true decent living income for doing squat, whatever you call it. But it’s more than just starvation wages while you look for a better job, because I’ve got news for you — it ain’t going to happen, and UBI is really intended to be just that.


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