We Will See The Dystopian Consequences.

So have you considered that Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria — fighting wars specifically with the USA — and the odds of fighting wars with Iran and North Korea and others in the very near future don’t make me feel like “fighting another war” is that much of a problem to those pentagon decision-makers? Is that a fair statement? I think absolutely yes, and it’s very worrisome.

This is a very recent interview for 60 minutes about AI and the future of fighting the next war with the Director of the pentagon Strategic Capabilities Office, Will Roper. Please watch it all the way through. It’s dark and dystopian in the extreme, because much as he tries to deny it or play it down, it’s absolutely crystal clear that in the near future, everything is on the table in fact, and it only takes one mistake (which we’ll do) to take the human race down with us — the literal survival of the species is at stake. AI is a two-edged sword, and I think we have to attempt truly drastic changes right now, really uncomfortable changes, or we will see the dystopian consequences.


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