Which Is Just Funny.

1) No jobs are safe, period. End of story. Any claim to the contrary is just bunk.

2) When AI start to actually eat jobs at a major level in 5–7 years (guaranteed, 100%), and people realize that the retraining jobs they thought were going to save them are not, and they clamor for a UBI, none will remember that I (and a handful of others too) called it out 7–9 years before… Everyone will think that it’s really new and startling, which is just funny…

3) In the meantime, military AI will leap ahead without you even realizing it’s awful power (for both supposed friends and enemies, as well as terrorists who will realize it’s true power), until it is actually used for the first time in battle — which is going to happen. Then you’ll suddenly comprehend the true sick power of the downside of AI, but it will be too late.

4) Vastly widening income inequality — the everpresent vanishingly rich get much richer, the ever-widening poor get even poorer. Which side are you on?

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