It’s so annoying that I almost don’t want to bother linking to it at “Robotics for Good” or Medium or Reddit — and besides, it’s not very good — but I will anyway, to show you my concern. The fact that an AI researcher,, right at the forefront of his craft doesn’t dwell every single moment about the absolute certitude that in his lifetime there’s almost a certainty that the whole human race will be eliminated just floors me. I actually have no words — it’s so mindboggling and frustrating that I simply have no language to talk about it any further… And that is exactly the point. If the AI researcher is ok with it going ahead despite his self-evident concerns, obviously a non-AI researcher is going to be allowed to do the same. It literally flat-out floors me, but apparently that is the state of affairs for most people. Just go ahead, come what may. What utter, transparent silliness. The magnitude of it is so incredible: it’s a guaranteed certainty of the literal end of the human race, not some climate-change nonsense or other silliness. Wow.

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