Cognitive dissonance got ya down? Be a #cognitivedissident like Our Arch Wizard, George Lakoff

Foundational dialog w Tavis Smiley on the neurological power of words that shape our brains.

Metaphors are the atoms of frames which are the bricks of world view.

For instance, consider my metaphor of the selfish cell, which depends on the highly complex environment which surrounds it, but imagines that it is self-sufficient and yet threatened by those that are outside its narrow perimeter.

Lakoff describes the strict father worldview versus the nurturing parent. Controlling others versus caring for others.

Find the common sense of caring... Other than the sociopath, most people will care about something other than themselves.

By reminding them, it stimulates and activates the caring frameworks.

Thus, stay positive, concentrate on the actual policies being implemented in Congress, not on the clown-in-chief and his strategic distractions.

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