UX Book Club comes to Pakistan

By: Sana Malik

UX Design in Pakistan in collaboration with IDEATE Innovation, has officially launched Pakistan’s very first UX book club.

Monday, 12th February, saw the launch of Pakistan’s very first UX Book Club at IDEATE’s office. Opening its doors to the members from March onward, this club aims to provide Pakistanis with a greater access to the best design books, to discuss with like-minded readers, and grow together as a community. To have a look at our book collection, please click here.

“Unofficial” launch of the UX Book Club underway

How can you become a member of the UX Book Club?

To become a member of the UX Book Club, please apply here. Once you fill out the form, we will email you the next step of instructions. We will start with a limited set of members initially to quickly learn and improve how it all works, and then slowly grow it into a larger community.

Members will be charged a minimal one time registration fee of 1000 PKR plus a bi-yearly fee of PKR 1500 to cover the shipping costs. Members who wish to donate books to the library, can do so, by filling out this form and they will be rewarded by getting exclusive membership discounts.

This initiative is a joint project of IDEATE Innovation and UX Design in Pakistan.

A sneak peak in to what our book collection looks like

IDEATE is Pakistan’s leading Human Centered Design Firm located in Islamabad, which helps clients design products, services, systems and experiences from ideas to reality.

UX Design in Pakistan is a 4,000+ member community of Pakistani design enthusiasts from all over the world, run by Awais Imran, who is a UI/UX Design Team Lead at KeepTruckin.

A special thanks to Ejaz Asi, Awais Imran, Awais Rashid and IDEATE Innovation for making initial contributions to the book club.

Lastly, we’re also thinking up of initiating monthly meetups of the UX Book Club where members can come together once every two months to discuss and share their thoughts on a specific book. We’re on the lookout for manpower to help us in bringing this idea to reality so if you’re interested in volunteering, feel free to shoot an email to us at bookclub@ideateinnovation.com and we will get back to you.