Like It Is: Bob Dylan Explains What Really Killed Rock ’n’ Roll
Brent L. Smith

Great piece. Thank you! Race & Music, oh how American…

It took me back to a time we’d play James Brown and Pink Floyd back-to-back in total oblivion. It was the late 60s, my preteen days growing up in Iran in a culture/DNA immune to colour. A culture seemed light years passed the colour divide that continues to plague west (a large %). It was a special period in my life, slowly getting exposed to rock (specially prog-rock) and soul music. It wasn’t until the early 70s when we moved to America that that innocence was harshly shaken and constantly triggered by an extremely primitive force to choose. I refused to choose between wrongs, then. I refuse to choose, today. I still enjoy a cup of coffee, listening to Al Green and Deep Purple back-to-back… After all, there are those that just aren’t innately wired that way.

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