Everything You Think You Know About the History and Future of Jobs Is Likely Wrong
Scott Santens

This is a system dynamic headed for disaster. However, the solution may be staring right at us!

One, amid eroding middle and high, our healthy GDP points to pyramids’ tops getting the lions share. They will need to pay a correct and just proportion of taxes to avoid collapse of gov and its social safety net. Not todays, massive tax and offshore shelters drying up the reservoir. The argument of trickle-down economy is so evidently debunked by the above chart?

*Two, HUMANs must become fundamentally immune to the economic laws of supply and demand (start by rewriting econ and bus education). Humans shall never become equated to commodities. Therefore, a social standard on “wage bottom” must be reached and practiced that is in harmony with regional cost of living. It’s simply inhumane to accept the person who serves you a grass-fed organic burger living in a shelter at night with his/her children…or the person who washes your $150K Tesla live out of a tent with 3 other people. Which at this rate are all headed there…

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