Top 5 business ideas you can totally steal from me.

As someone who makes a living generating product & service ideation, I’ve accumulated a bunch of business ideas in my notebook that I may never have time to develop. So I’m offering them here for the taking…

Disclaimer: Some of these may have already been developed, and are worthless. Or in the right hands, they may be gold.

No credit necessary if you take them, just promise to build them with passion!

(As of this writing domain names listed are available for sale.)

I- SMB Central — a cloud-based seamlessly integrated IT service that provides the essentials to efficiently run and manage small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). SMB owners and managers experience daily IT challenges far more often than large enterprises with dedicated IT support. This one-stop-shop platform serves SMBs with the same IT benefits that larger enterprises get. Yet, frees them from costly in-house full-time IT departments. There are over 23 million SMBs in US. Google, Microsoft, Apple, take note of this…

II- The Last Honest — A social platform that compiles crowd-sourced attributes of professional tradespeople (ie plumbers, painters, handymen, doctors, up to the president of the country). The Last Honest can expand to creating a directory of all tradespeople that is rated and ranked based on the same attributes, in a more holistic reputation-based economy.

By crowd sourcing the qualifications, skills and key attributes of any given profession, you can better gauge the relative ranking of a professional in that area of expertise. The idea is that if everyone chimes in on what makes a good carpenter, you can more accurately find a really good one to hire.


POPUPCOMMERCE — Like Pop-up stores and events (aka Flash Retailing). An online Pop-up service connecting sites with considerable traffic, to clients in need of a momentary high-flash exposure. It enables high traffic sites to rent out a temp-spot on their site at a premium rate.


TRIVEDIA — a creative mobile text service that helps expand kids’ trivia knowledge. Parents can subscribe to the service which sends select Trivia questions drawn from Wikipedia (ie geography, sociology, arts, history, etc) via text to their young dependents. Upon successful answer it moves on to the next question allowing kids time to search for and learn the correct answer. Otherwise it keeps repeating the question. Subject matter, time and duration can be all personalized by the adult subscriber.

V- Old School Motors — an on-demand service like Uber, but for Legendary American Muscle Cars. The experience of getting around in a Fast and Furious ride sharing service can be exhilarating. Imagine that!

There are more where they came from. To Be Continued…

Love to hear your thoughts…?

(Inspired by recent posts from Niklas Goeke and James Altucher)