Women love shopping… endlessly! Yet when it comes to the final selection of a dress, the entire exercise is time consuming, considering the re-trials of dresses and then searching out again for the perfect match. However, when women buy cloths in stores there is always a sense of I wish this dress could be modified the way I love. Everyone has a specific taste and liking when it comes to dress sense.

To give wings to the creative ideas of a woman, retailers should create and offer a white board where consumers can design their personalized dresses and provide their personalized credentials. To take this concept further, once a personalized dress is conceived, the retail owners should have in-house hands to rework on the dress based on the requirements.

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With the correct specifications, the in-house dress designers should re-modify the chosen dress and deliver it to the customers within a span of few hours. With this offering of ‘design-your-own-dress’ platform, the retail houses will enjoy more female followers and it will provide a perfect place for women who always wanted their dresses to be stitched in a specific way.

Given this arrangement, the designer dresses would become easily accessible to the women shoppers and that too personalized as per their taste and fashion sense. Ultimately, it will spell a win-win idea both for the consumer and the business house. In short, you got to listen what consumers are thinking to stay relevant in the race.

So what’s your take on this idea? Agree or disagree, do share this idea with your friends and colleagues. If you have a suggestion or even better idea to suggest, feel free to post it.

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