The Global Wine Bottle

While wine aficionados worldwide are known for their quest for vintage wine and rare flavors, one of the commonest questions asked on winery tours is what does ‘vintage’ mean! Yet, there are the real connoisseurs who love and know the difference between France’s Languedoc or Spain’s La Mancha wineries.

Considering the quality-to-price ratio of different wines, the wine lovers yearn for vintage ones and wish if they could have those rare flavored wines all in one glass. How about a concept where certain wines constitute different layers of wines catering to different tastes? Imagine a bottle which starts with the first layer of Sauternes from France and then the next layer brings Trockenbeerenauslese from Germany and other flavors in the third and fourth layer — much to the amazement of the Oenophiles or the wine aficionados!

In future buying a bottle of wine should be able to give multiple wines options to the buyers. In fact, wine bottles should be segmented or segregated into 4 layers of equal measures. Each layer should have a unique brand and a rare flavor. There can be different types of wines offered in a range of choices for the real wine lovers. Though, the idea seems to be a bit on the tipsier side, if came into practice, it will be an offering appreciated by most of the wine connoisseurs around the world.

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