Micromanagement / Delegation

The Difference Between Micromanagement and Delegation

SPOILER ALERT: The following post will contain details and critical plot points from the movie “Hurt Locker” and may also contain some graphic/violent scenarios. Nothing was “Googled” for this post for verification O-0 well, except the graphic image “Yurripe Sniper” by CryADsisAM”

I was recently pondering about a scene in the movie, “Hurt Locker” where three American soldiers are bunkered down behind a hill because there is an Enemy Sniper trying to eliminate them, one by one, hidden in a two story desert bunker far off in the distance.

Two of the American soldiers are trying to spot and eliminate the Enemy Sniper. One acts a the Sniper and the other as a Spotter. Although neither are specifically trained for sniper shooting, they are experienced enough to automatically assign themselves the right roles and duties.

There is a third American soldier who is looking at the opposite direction, to guard their backs. He has assigned himself as Guard.

While the Spotter and Sniper are laser focused on taking out the Enemy Sniper, in the opposite direction, the Guard sees motion in the distance over a bridge. The Guard looks down his telescopic scope, and can barely make out if what he’s seeing is a person or not, let alone if the person is armed, or if it is an Enemy Combatant.

“Guys, I got something!” yells the Guard.

Without taking his eye off his sniper scope, the Sniper says, “What do you got?”

“I got some movement back here!” yells the Guard, “What should I do?”

Still focused on his target, the Sniper says, “Take care of it!”

The Guard looks down his scope and assesses. He makes a decision, and acts upon that decision: he fires at the target and eliminates the possible threat.

Still looking down the scope, the Sniper says, “What happened?”

“Took care of it!” says the Guard.

“Good!” says the Sniper, still focused on this target.