Lock your app down and make it less susceptible to bad actors

Whether you’re a React.js, Angular, Vue.js, or simply a front-end developer, your code can be an inviting door for hackers.

As a front-end developer, we’re mostly concern about performance, SEO, and UI/UX — security is often overlooked.

You might be surprised to know how big frameworks let you open yourself…

The most anticipated chrome release V8, hits its long-awaited v8.0 and will be shipping with chrome 80 release in February.

The v8.0 release with some new features — optional chaining, Nullish coalescing, faster higher-order builtins and 40% less memory use thanks to pointer compression, these features and changes will improve the performance and code productivity.

Let’s see them one by one —

Optional chaining (?.)

An in-depth guide to some important console API functions other than console.log

The Console API’s most commonly used method is undoubtedly console.log. However, it also comes with several other useful methods that can improve our debugging efficiency.

Let’s dive in 🏊 and understand some of the other methods👇

Note: All methods are available in NodeJS as of version 10.0.0 …

In this article, we will learn about face detection (Age/Gender/Face Positions/Mood) using face-api.js and the nearby object detection (Person/Phone etc) using coco-ssd model on the web browser.

face-api.jsis a javascript module, built on top of tensorflow.js core, which implements several CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) to solve face detection, face recognition…

Javascript reach has increased from just a web browser to all places of programing.

Javascript reach has increased from a web browser to all places of programming.

  1. Node.js — Used for CLI and Server.
  2. Electron — Used for cross-platform desktop Apps.
  3. React native — Used for cross-platform mobile Apps.
  4. IoT — Low-cost IoT devices, now support javascript.

Recent updates to v8 engine have increased…

Make your experience in the editor colorful, streamlined, and powerful

Before we start, let’s see if you can answer this question: What are the differences between Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio?

For those who don’t already know, Visual Studio is a full-featured and convenient development environment.

VS Code is an open-source, cross-platform source code editor that’s become famous, particularly…

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