How Writing Makes Us Better Humans

The way I see it.

Joshua Idegbere
Dec 9, 2019 · 3 min read
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I’ve had this knowledge for a long time but don’t know how to express it.

I know the art of writing makes people better, but without a solid backing how it occurs; it was quite difficult to express.

I have delayed writing about it for a long time now. This morning two ideas about writing that came to mind prompted me to finally set the bird free.

The first was

“In writing, only write what you know and nothing more.”

The second was:

“There’s no complete knowledge on any issue; what you write about is the part obvious to you.”

I wasn’t scared anymore that I wouldn’t back my idea with a scientific proof of some sort; I rested in the assurance that no one knows it all (including me).

The art of writing makes writers better humans (at least it made me better).

There’s something about the writing process that changes people; that recreates the mind during the process.

Anytime you get a feeling of flow, it signals a new phase in your personal evolution.

We get better at the craft and become better humans by advancing our evolution. And the creative process of writing activates that evolution for writers.

This is also true in the other creative processes like singing, painting, sculpturing, and drawing.

By making things, the man also remakes himself.

So the art of creating things is the same process that recreates the mind of the creative.

That’s why I feel creatives such as writers, singers, artists, painters, poets, and public speakers are some of the best humans alive.

The creative process made it so.

Before I started writing, I was quite very superficial in thinking and the way I look at the world.

I rarely take things to heart. Only a few things bother me. I was just indifferent about a lot of things.

When I started writing, it opened a part of me that could connect to events and experiences. I could then feel for people when hurt and joyous when something good comes their way!

When my dog died in 2014, I can remember I was in tears when I heard the news from my mum a day the incidence!

My usual self won’t even think about it for over 3 hours at the most.

But you know what I did when I was in tears on hearing the sad news?

I wrote a poem as a tribute into my journal!

How did that happen?

Answer: writing.

Writing made me more human. I could feel and connect with emotions.

That is why I suggest everyone around me and that cares to listen keeps a journal and enhance self-awareness by journaling daily:

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

“Man, know thyself.”

In my opinion, that’s about the best way a man can know himself.

How else can that be possible except through journaling?

The exams he writes are about other things: particles, gravity, diseases, electronics, furniture… all the rest stuff except himself.

He knows more about them because he writes and studies about them.

Journaling is about the only avenue he writes about himself. And that’s how he can eventually know himself and become better as a human being.

Today, I’m so thankful I found a process that made me a better human: writing!

Life has never been the same!

Thanks for reading

And a shout out to all creatives out there with deep love in my heart!

Once again, thanks for your time!

Let’s keep in touch!

Joshua Idegbere

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A Young Guy, 26. Medical Doctor {in training}. Writes for The Startup, Publishous, the Ascent, Live Your Life on Purpose, a Few Words.

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