The Acid Test of a Medium Story

What we should consider before we push the publish button

Joshua Idegbere
Dec 7, 2019 · 4 min read
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Today for the first time, it occurred to me how much impact an article or a Medium story could affect a reader or someone surfing for an idea, information or an answer on the web.

I’ve written about some reasons people come to platforms like Medium before, but it has never occurred to me how much a piece of information could affect readers!

Sometimes it can make a lifetime impact on them!

The reason why this acid test is so very important to writers.

The Acid Test

I call it the acid test of a Medium post or article because it should determine whether we hit the publish button or leave it until we are sure the information is true and adequate for decision making.

And here’s the test:

  1. Is it truthful enough to base his life decision on?

2. Is it adequate to guide him on what to do through that phase of his life?

3. Can he make a life decision for the next few years based on the truth and adequacy of the information in this article?

If yes, publish it.

If no, don’t publish it.

That’s the acid test of an article or a Medium story.

Someone’s life, even a generation, may depend on the decision he’s going to take based on the information in your article.

Let that be the test of content before we push the publish button.

That’s the mind we should create content with as we go into the New Year.

First of all, I will like to admit that it’s not going to be an easy test_ no doubt.

Here’s the good part, if we start to think the writers as our wife or a loved one, and write stuff from that perspective, it’s going be a lot easier to do.

And that will cause a revolution in the blogosphere_producing a new breed of writers whose work can help people with their problem as ROI on their money and time.

And that’s not all; writers are going to be among the “saviors” that will save this generation from moral and intellectual decadence.

This will build a generation of writers that are honest and whose words can be trusted. Whose words can be taken on face value without a trace of doubt of the truth of the ideas.

Wouldn’t that be a good reputation to have as writers?

A few ideas on how to meet that benchmark.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

1. Titles: Be Direct and Clear

Titles should serve as a window to what the article is about.

Be direct on the message: what is this message about?

Be clear: Use words simple enough for your target audience to understand.

Let start treating the customer as our wife or children_ always having the best of intention for them.

2. Content: Should be structured to help in decision making

It should be designed to aid the reader in deciding on what to do.

And one of the ways you can do that is to always use a format especially on articles that the reader will likely decide on. A good example is personal development/self-help articles.

Here is one of the best formats I’ve got:

  1. The WHAT of the problem/opportunity: this is what the article is addressing. Is it a problem, a solution or an idea?

Convince the reader that you know his problem or the opportunity you want to sell to him.

2. The WHY of the message: why should he care? In what area does it affect him?

Prime his mind to desire to take action so that he can have some of those benefits.

3. And lastly, the HOW of the message: these are the step-by-step action requires by the reader to have the promises earlier promised.

If the promise is to get getting self-aware as one of the benefits of journaling daily, then the exact way of going about it should be well captured.

You can use other methods if you have one that works for you.

If not, you can try this out:

In conclusion,

The acid test for an article is key to bringing the best of content to the people that need it.

And that’s some of the best things we can give to them as a reward both for their time and their money.

And on the other hand, we become better humans by helping others the best we can.

Nothing makes a better man like doing good deeds.

For good deed makes good people.

Let that be our mindset as we create content for human consumption.

Thanks for reading.

Did you get some value from it?

I would love to hear from you.

Once again, thanks for your time.

Joshua Idegbere

Written by

A Young Guy, 26. Medical Doctor {in training}. Writes for The Startup, Publishous, the Ascent, Live Your Life on Purpose, a Few Words.

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