What Feels Better Than Clap on Medium

The greatest gift you can give isn’t money; the greatest gift is a feeling.

Joshua Idegbere
Dec 20, 2019 · 3 min read
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I felt curated!
It’s one of the most uplifting few minutes of my life.

Having someone you admire so much in your field mention your name could be the most uplifting feeling ever!

Two days ago, Thomas Plummer mentioned my name. And that moment felt the best of moments after a long while!

I couldn’t contain the joy, I had to tell my siblings about it (even though they really know nothing about Thomas).

It was on returning from the hospital where I’m doing my elective posting in Medicine. And it was a hectic day for me! I was exhausted and needed something that can lift my soul.

I grabbed my phone so I can check some good stuff out. As soon as I turned on my data, I got a mail notification that Thomas Plummer has responded to my story!

It was the least of my expectations!

“How on earth?!” …

To have a writer as successful as Thomas Plummer responded to my piece was a huge big deal!

I opened my Medium App and there it was, he not only responded to the piece, he called me friend and mentioned my name!

It was the evening I felt so happy and proud about writing and what it can bring your way.

For me, calling people by name feels better than clapping for their stories. Anyone can clap. That’s easy and nothing intimate. But to comment on a story and call the writer by his or her name can be the greatest moment in a whole month!

My work is yet to be curated on Medium, but having Thomas Plummer call me by name felt like that moment.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Maybe this isn’t a big deal to have someone call you by name on Medium. Probably because you have accumulated tons of success. But to some of us who are just budding writers, having top profile writer mention our names is a huge big deal!

That experience taught me a great lesson:

However you rise in life, never forget you began from scratch. Always reach down to people who are less successful than you. Encourage them in their journey.

Your clap can be worth more than 10 dollars, but your words can be worth over a thousand dollars.

The greatest gift isn’t money; one of the greatest gifts is a feeling. How you make people feel is worth more important than anything else.

Now I know that the most important things in the world are not things; most are intangible.

Joshua Idegbere

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A Young Guy, 26. Medical Doctor {in training}. Writes for The Startup, Publishous, the Ascent, Live Your Life on Purpose, a Few Words.

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