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Dear Idena community,

We plan to release a new version of the Idena node on September 16, 2021. It will be a seamless hard fork update.

There are the following changes planned.

Sharding Phase I (Validation sharding)

Sharding Phase I, or Validation sharding, will include the following changes in the protocol:

1. Network segmentation into shards

  • The network is dynamically…

Epoch #0076: network splits in shards, training validation helps to get invite, protocol rewards for reporting flips

Network metrics

A complete guide on how to find candidates, issue invitations, and make sure they attend the validation ceremony

Invitation rewards can constitute up to around 90% of all your rewards. At the moment of writing this post, there are identities who received almost 400 iDNA for invitations only in one epoch. So if you want to earn maximum rewards in Idena, it is important to employ the best…

Follow the advice in this publication to receive your Idena invitation easy, fast, and with confidence!

To minimize the probability of a Sybil attack, the pace of the Idena network growth is restricted: network participation is invitation-based. New invitations can be sent out only by validated users. The number of invitations is limited and increases as the network grows.

You can get an invite from the…

Epoch #0075: validation sharding hardfork, training validation

Network metrics

Meet Training Validation, a new feature in the Idena Web App!

Training validation can help new users to learn the validation process and to get used to strict validation timing. Validated identities can use test validation to educate their candidates and make sure they are committed to attending the validation…

Flips are the key element of Idena security. It is important to exclude flips that do not meet the rules (

Every vote matters: to report a flip 51% of the qualification committee is needed. Let’s make our flips better!

We propose Idena Flip Reporting Lottery for this validation.



Proof-of-Person blockchain. Idena is a novel way to formalize people on the web:

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